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Sai Gon Entrepreneur Newspaper: BrainBOS Growth Power Model officially launches the Business Community

The Saigon Entrepreneur Newspaper has a short article about The Launching of BrainBOS® consulting service of BrainMark: “BrainBOS helps businesses shape the structure, build strategies for suitable products to market demand, combine synchronously with specific sales and marketing solutions.” In the morning of November 14th , 2020, BrainGroup officially introduced …

BrainMark activates the BrainBOS® Growth Power™ model

In the morning of November 14th , 2020, BrainMark officially activated the BrainBOS® Growth Power model™ to the Vietnamese Business Community at the “Launching Ceremony of BrainBOS® Consulting Services. In the hall of Capella Convention Center, the event took place with the participation of 100 Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders. At …

BrainMark Consulting to build business culture for Vinh Hoan

The cultural training program was implemented by BrainMark on September 21st, 2019 at the “headquarters” of Vinh Hoan Company in Dong Thap. This is an indispensable part and is considered like the most attractive and wonderful in the process of cooperation in building business culture of the two parties. Along …

BrainMark advises on overall restructuring for Viet An

In July 20th, 2020. BrainMark officially started the overall restructuring consultancy project for Viet An Environmental Engineering Joint Stock Company. Accordingly, BrainMark will accompany with Viet An to implement the following consulting services. Building organizational structure and job description, BrainKPI System, Capacity Assessment System, System Salary 3P (Brain3PS), Management Systems …

BrainMark signed a business strategy consulting contract for LASUCO Group

The contract was signed on October 12th, 2019 at the office of Lam Son Sugar- Cane Joint Stock Company – Lasuco (Lam Son Town, Tho Xuan District, Thanh Hoa Province). Accordingly, BrainMark will accompany with Lasuco to develop 2 new products which are nutritional water extracted from sugar cane and …

Livestream No. 4: Develop products from the concept to the market

The needs and predilection for users change constantly over the years, requiring businesses to catch up the change in order to have more responsive solutions. The consecutive success from the previous Livestream events, BrainBOS® collaborated with the speakers who are senior leaders to organize the seminar on the topic: PRODUCT …