1.1. BrainMark always respect ​​customers’ privacy. We commit to comply with all applicable data security / privacy laws.

1.2 In the providing services process, information, features and functions (known as “Services”) or access to customers’ personal account, we will collect, use, store and/or process data, including Customers’ personal data.

1.3. This Privacy Policy is established to make sure that Customers know how BrainBOS® collect, use, store and/or process data that we collect and receive in the providing Services Process or accessing Customers’ Account. We will just collect, use, store and/or process Customers’ personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

1.4. It’s important that Customers have to read this Privacy Policy with some other applicable notices which we send in the specific circumstances when we collect, use and/or process Customers’ personal data so that Customers can aware of fully method and reasons why we use Customers’ personal data.

1.5. This Privacy Policy includes the following parts:

  • Introduction about Privacy Policy
  • Personal Data that we collect from Customers
  • Using Personal Data
  • Revoking Consent to Continue Using, Storing And/Or Handling Personal Data
  • Method of Updating Customers Personal Data
  • Access to Customers’ Personal Data
  • Security Customers’ Personal Data
  • Personal Data Retention Time
  • Computer Data Collection
  • Personal Data Collection and Management Unit

1.6. We might update this Privacy Policy at each time. Any future changes to this Privacy Policy which we make will be posted on this website, and only applicable to important changes (when appropriate and/or permitted by regulation of law) will be inform to Customers when you continue to use the Services, access to the website or use the Services which will constitute Customers’ confirmation and acceptance of changes to this Policy that is implemented by us. Please check this Privacy Policy to follow up on any updates or changes to this Privacy Policy.

1.7. This Privacy Policy is applied in conjunction with other applicable notices, contractual terms and consent terms relating to data collection, storage, using, disclosure and/or processing Customers’ personal data and are not intended to disable terms except incase specific regulations have been changed.

1.8. Customers can access to the Website and read the content without having to provide any personal information. However, Customers will be required to register for an account if Customers want to use the Service.


2.1. Personal Data means any information, whether recorded tangibly or not which the identity of an individual is expressed clearly or it can be determined reasonably and directly by the person who is holding the information or when arranged with other information will identify an individual directly or indirectly.

2.2. During the Process of Customers use the Website and the Services, we may collect personal data from Customers, including the following information:

  • Identification data such as name, gender and date of birth;
  • Contact data such as contact, company, email address and phone number;
  • Account data such as bank accounts and payment details;
  • Transaction data such as order and payment which are sent from Customers as well as other details about products and Services that Customers have purchased or obtained through Personal Account;
  • Technical data such as Internet Protocol Address (IP), log-in data, browser type and version, time zone and location settings, browser plug-in type and version, operating systems and platforms, international mobile device identifiers, device identifiers and other information and technologies on the devices that Customers use to access the Website;
  • Profiles data such as Customers username and password, Customers’ purchase or order data, hobbies, responses and survey responses;
  • Using data such as information about Customers’ using of the Platform, products and services or Customers’ see any content on the Website;
  • Marketing and communications data such as Customers’ hobby in receiving Marketing Communications from us and our third parties and Customers’ Communication Hobbies.
  • Payment data such as when you take and share your payment information with us in the form of images and upload such content to the Website;

2.3. During Customers’ using of the Service Process, we may collect Personal Data from Customers in the following cases:

  • When Customers create an account with us;
  • When Customers register any Services or purchase Products which are available on the Website;
  • When Customers use any feature or function which available on the Website or Service;
  • When Customers record any creator-initiated content which uploaded on the Website;
  • When Customers use chat functions on the Platform;
  • When Customers join in a promotion or survey;
  • When Customers join in any promotional activity or campaign on the Website;
  • When Customers login account on the Website or interact with us through another service or application such as Facebook or Google;

2.4. Customers must submit personal data accurately, and Customers have to update data regularly and inform us any changes to the personal data which Customers provided for us. We will have the right to request documents to verify the personal data which Customers provided as a part of our Customers’ information verification process.

2.5. Customers can access and update Personal Information which sent to us any time as described below.

2.6. If Customers provide any third party’s personal data to us, Customers guarantee and ensure that Customers had agreement, consent, and necessary permission from that third party to share and transfer their personal data to us and we will collect, store, use and disclose such data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.


3.1. The personal data which we collect from Customers may be used by us for certain purposes include the following:

  • To facilitate Customer use of the Service or access to the Website
  • To answer Customers’ questions, feedback and complaints
  • To process orders that Customers submit on the Website (payments Customers make through the Website for Products)
  • To advise, transport and deliver products that Customers purchased through the Website that sold by us.
  • To update for Customers on the completion and delivery of finished products for customer care purposes;
  • To compare information and verify with third parties (relevant government agencies) to ensure that the information is correct;
  • To manage Customers’ account that register at our company.
  • To verify and perform financial transactions that related to payments Customers make online;
  • To check the download of data from the Website;
  • To improve the layout or content of pages on the Website and customize them for users;
  • To identify visitors on the Website;
  • To do research about users’ behavior and statistics of the number of users;
  • To provide for Customers information that we think Customers might find useful or Customers requested from us, including information about the Services, questions need to be consulted with condition that Customers indicate that Customers do not object to contact for these purposes;
  • To display Customers’ username or name and profile on the Website;
  • To handle any complaints, responses, enforcement actions and takedown requests that related to any content Customers have uploaded to the Platform;
  • To send Customers relevant documents, business-related notices.
  • We may also conduct automated decision-making processes for any of these purposes.


4.1. Customers may inform withdrawal of consent in connection with your continued using, storage and/or processing of Customers’ personal data for any purpose and in the manner which settled at any time.

4.2. Please note that if Customers inform a revocation of permission for us to use, store or process your personal data for the purposes and in the manner set out above, we will have may not be able to continue to provide the Service to Customers or perform any contract between us and Customers, and we will not be responsibility in case  we are unable to continue to provide the Service or perform contract with you. Our legal rights and remedies, specifically, are reserved in this case.


5.1. Note that the personal data Customers provide for us must be accurate and complete in order for Customers to continue using your account and for us to provide Services to Customers. Customers are responsible for informing us of changes to Customers’ Personal data or in case Customers believe that the personal data we have about Customers is inaccurate, incomplete or false or expired.

5.2. Customers can update Customers’ Personal Data any time by accessing account on the website and update personal data or require us to update.


6.1. Customers can request information about your personal data that we have collected or question about the manner that Customers’ personal data is used, stored or processed by us within a last year. In order to facilitate processing Customers’ request, we may need to request more information which related to Customers’ request.

6.2. We will respond to Customers’ request as soon as possible. If we haven’t responded to Customers’ request in 7 days yet since the day Customers requested, we will inform to Customers in writing. If we are unable to provide for Customers any personal data or corrections at Customers’ request, we will inform Customers about the reasons why we are unable to perform (except cases we are not compulsory to comply with current law’s data protection regulations).


7.1. To protect Customers’ personal data from access, collection, use, processing, copying, modification, loss, misuse or similar risk, we apply operating, physical and engineering methods such as:

  • Restricting access to personal data for individuals who request access;
  • Maintenance of technology products to prevent unauthorized computer access;

7.2. If you think that Customers’ privacy has been breached, please contact us immediately.

7.3. However, Customers need to mind that there’s no method of transmission through the internet or any electronic storage methods are secure absolutely. Although security cannot be guaranteed absolutely, we will always try our best to secure Customers’ information and check and strengthen continually our information security method.


8.1. Without influence on other regulations of this Policy, Customers’ personal data will be stored until Customers request deletion of personal data and/or Customers delete your account everlasting.

8.2. We will only retain Customers’ personal data for the duration that required by law or until when it is related to the purposes for which it was collected.

8.3. We will stop to retain Customers’ personal data or delete the means which the data may be associated with Customers, as soon as there are reasonable basis to believe that storage isn’t use for purposes which that data is collected and isn’t neccessary for any legal or business purposes.


9.1. We or our authorized Service Suppliers may use cookies and other similar technologies to store data for the purpose of providing for Customers better, faster, and safer experience and personalized when Customers use the Service or access the Website.

9.2. When Customers access the Website through a computer, mobile device or any other device connected to the internet, our company’s server will record automatically any data which sent by Customers’ browser whenever Customers access the website. This data may include:

  • IP address of Customers’ computer or device;
  • Browser type;
  • The website which Customers are accessing;
  • Saved timing on pages, categories and data that are searched on the Website, access time and dates and other statistics.

9.3. This data is collected for analysis and evaluation to help us improve our website and the Services and Products we provide.


BrainMark Joint Stock Company

Address: 4th Floor, 596 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Ward 3, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Phone: +84 909 363 363



10.1. If Customers have any questions about personal data security or data privacy, please refer our list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about information security and data privacy.

10.2. If Customers’ question is not part of our FAQs or if Customers have any feedback, questions, recommendations or complaints that related to Customers’ personal data, please contact us: +84 909 363 363.


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