BrainBOS® (Brain Business Operating System) is an advanced management model which create Growth Power ™ with 7 key elements and 10 tools that create the value of a business. If Vision is like the roof, Culture is the foundation. House will be steady if it’s supported. Structure, Product, People, System, Enforcement are the five solid pillars that create the BrainBOS® Management House. If this house is built successfully, CEOs will be able to run the business more gently.
The vision is the “roof” in the BrainBOS® management house, express the expectation of business leaders and being the destination of the business in the next 5 years, make the orientation for all employees of the company.
To apply BrainBOS® model, we should start from the vision, build a 5-year vision for the business to orient how the business will operate each year to achieve the vision, desire of business leaders.
The BrainBOS® model is very flexible, easy to apply, small and medium scale businesses can apply this model by using the suitable tools for the scale and development stage of the business.
For businesses that do not apply all of the tools of the BrainBOS® model, it is possible to build a Corporate Vision and Culture first. These are two very important parts that are needed at any time for business. Whether a small-scale enterprise or just start to set up that is necessary to prepare a vision and plan for the corporate culture to integrate people who are suitable with the company culture, and towards the same vision of the company.

The business is large or small, it is necessary to have an AOP business plan to orient goals, action strategies, and have a budget plan for the next business year to operate effectively. Small-scale enterprises are gentler in planning, reducing time than big enterprises.

The BrainBOS® model is so flexible that small and medium businesses can apply easily it. Depending on the size and field of business of each business that BrainMark has a flexible program that makes it easier for businesses to approach and apply, especially small businesses can apply some tools in the model in accordance with the stage of development to step by step perfect the business model

The essence of KPI is to evaluate employees’ performance, to encourage them to work harder at work, not to penalize. If your company applied but ineffective, you must review the method of building KPI. The right method add the drastic and synchronous implementation will certainly be successful.

The KPI development process usually starts with company strategy and will be distributed into company goals, department goals, and employee goals. These three goals are always linked and intertwined according to the principle, if the employee’s goal is reached, the department’s goal will be achieved and if the departments’ goal is achieved, the company will surely achieve the goal. In addition, the association at each level also is the 4 main goals: finance, customers, operations, team.

KPIs cannot be applied mechanically. There are positions that should not have monthly or quarterly KPIs, should only have a stable KPI such as driver, security, cleaner, casual labor. In addition, the method of setting goals in KPI must ensure 5 principles are specific, measurable, feasible, practical, and time-definite.

There is no formula for a business’s structure, also there isn’t optimal structure, each structure has its own good and bad points. Restructuring the company is best when growing because after the top will be the bottom, there is a need to have a ready preparation for the business to grow sustainably.

Although start-ups are small in scale, they need to build a corporate culture from the beginning to go in the right direction and the implementation and application of corporate culture are also easier and more effective. Every business needs to build vision, ideology, core values, ethical values, codes of conduct so that when HR recruiting, if the employee finds it suitable with the corporate culture, they will work for a long time, co-ordinate more effectively at work.

Basically, whether the scale is large or small, the building of corporate culture needs to implement based on the right methods to get the best results. It is impossible to copy the way of other businesses when building their own culture because Corporate culture goes from the leader’s ideology. Different ideology, different strategies, different industries, human resources, customers. Each business has different values, each industry has different values, even in the same industry, they are different from competitors, so it is impossible to copy. However, it is possible to study the ways of large enterprises or enterprises which are in the same industry, the same scale as themselves to learn from experience to implementate more effectively.


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