Livestream No. 4: Develop products from the concept to the market

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The needs and predilection for users change constantly over the years, requiring businesses to catch up the change in order to have more responsive solutions.

The consecutive success from the previous Livestream events, BrainBOS® collaborated with the speakers who are senior leaders to organize the seminar on the topic: PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT FROM CONCEPT TO MARKET – BRAINBOS® MODEL APPLICATION to share good and practical ideas in business product development.

Events Livestream Product development from concept to market of BrainBOS® model application.

Opening the 4th topic in the series of Growth Power ™ programs for businesses, program coordinator – Ms. Duong Dieu Thao introduced the methodical stages and processes to build a market share for businesses, including the steps of building breakthrough ideas, building target customers groups, defining distribution channels and finally implementing marketing communications to consumers.

Answering the question of Ms. Duong Dieu Thao about the general product development situation of the current market, Mr. David Tan Nguyen and Mr. Ngo Minh Viet both commented that product development from concept to market is not a simple process.

So, how to do that work effectively, shorten the process and especially suitable for consumers, the answer is that businesses must implement seriously product analysis to determine whether those products are suitable for the customers’ needs or not.

Products are business objects. In order for a product to launch the market, not only a good idea is not a prerequisite factor but also a process such as communication, advertising, pricing, distribution strategy, etc.

At the same time, when applying the growth model of BrainBOS® to product development that is the investment of certain resources for the business, providing different and distinct solutions for each specific business model.

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