BrainBOS® (Brain Business Operating System) is an advanced management model that creates Growth Power with 7 key elements (7 key components) that create the value of a business, help the business develop sustainably.


Vision (BrainVIS): Vision is the “roof” in the BrainBOS® management house, including content and messages related to the mission, vision, core values, business philosophy, goals in 5 years. The vision table shows the expectation of the Business Leaders and the destination of the business in the next 5 years, making the orientation for all employees in the company.
Structure (BrainCRS): An important pillar in the BrainBOS® management house, including organizational structure, functions and responsibilities of each department, human resource planning, job description of each position. The restructuring will help the company improve the management apparatus and coordination among departments.
Product (BrainPSM): This is the second pillar in the BrainBOS® Management House including Product Development, Market Research, Customer Segmentation, Brand Location, Product Development, Product Valuation, Distribution Strategy to Communication Strategy. Overcome weaknesses in Sales & Marketing, meet the expectations of business leaders.
People (BrainCOM): The team is crucial to the success of the business. However, it is important to put the right people and jobs into your company. The right person means the person who suitable to the company’s culture, the right job means the person who have suitable ability with the assigned job. As a result, businesses need to use the capacity assessment system to have solutions to develop human resources.
System (BrainEOS): The Management System is the fourth pillar in the BrainBOS® Management House including policies, regulations, processes, business systems, human resources systems, BSC – KPI, salary 3P, etc. These tools are integrated to bring simplicity in the operating process, increase productivity for businesses.
Audit (BrainAUD): speed execution, comprehensive control are the last pillar to decide the effective implementation of business strategies, overcome the weaknesses of most businesses today.
Culture (BrainCOC): Culture is enduring, the foundation of the BrainBOS® Management House. The Business Culture shows the colors, common core values that all of staffs pursue. Building Corporate Culture is to bring a new ideology throughout from Business Leaders to Staffs.
"It's never been easy in business, and if you find out, BrainBOS® is a model that bring unlimited GROWTH POWER™, to make it easier for business."
David Tan Nguyen


Measuring the operational efficiency of the business by 7 key factors


BrainBOS® Process

BrainBOS® model is deployed according to a methodical process to help businesses apply effectively.

BrainBOS® Tools

The toolkit is studied practically to help businesses apply and thrive in business.

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